The most common services should be listed! Take a look and call us if you have questions about your specific issue!

Your issues may not be what you think they are, which is why a diagnosis is necessary!¬†For instance, what feels like a virus infection could turn out to be decaying RAM or HDD platter decay, or a failing HDD/SSD PCB, or failing south or northbridge chip, or anything else, like your “favorite” antivirus app might have become infected because it isn’t a good antivirus app, or it could have recently become bloatware, like Avast Antivirus – which was good until it became bloatware.

Make sure you give us a call before deciding you want to or not want to pay for something! All service pricing is before taxes and subject to change.


Remote Support – First hour $60 extra hours $25.*
Onsites – First hour $125 extra hours $25.**
Operating System Reload – $135.***
Operating System Tuneup – $65.****
Virus Removal – $95.*****
Website Editing – First Hour $120 extra hours $60.******
Custom Computer Build – $900-$25000.*******




* – Sometimes issues cannot be resolved or diagnosed remotely, as software or viruses can block internet access or admin rights, or an issue may feel like its more hardware than software and must be examined to determine optimal resolution.

** – Additional location onsites scheduled in the same day are $95 plus any extra hours spent at additional location.

*** – Operating System reloads do not include the cost of hardware or any data transfers over 50GB. Replacing the dying or dead HDD/SSD is additional cost added to the base price of $135 Data transfers over 50GB is an additional $25 per 25GB transferred. All hardware to be replaced must be prepaid before Tri-Edge will purchase the hardware. Hardware costs vary depending on outlet/sales/discounts/quality/brand/model. Operating systems include Linux, Apple OS, Windows. Operating system flashes are also done to unlocked phones and tablets, with either standard OS load or custom ROMs, with customer preference taking lead. Often a smartphone or tablet can be revitalized with a new OS flash, much like a computer.

**** – Tuneups are often used on slow machines that have way too many programs running at the same time, and may include opening the computer up and cleaning the dust from it/replacing the thermal compound. It might seem like a virus, but it could also just be the mounds of processes running in the background.

***** – Virus removals sometimes are required by those with either light virus infections, or those with heavy/light virus infections that cannot lose certain programs. No guarantee can be made that the computer will remain operational or be resolved, as some malware destroys the OS in its asserted control over the OS, in which case a wipe and reload is more logical than wasting hours performing a virus removal that will be a known failure. Tri-Edge is not responsible for data loss. Encryption viruses will have additional time spent on the removal in an effort to find if the existing virus has a decryption tool provided by antivirus software companies or software development companies or individuals in general. Data recovery from encryption viruses is not guaranteed.

****** Tri-Edge currently does not build websites from scratch, but is willing to edit existing websites to add or remove code.

******* – Client will be asked what the intended purpose of the rig is for, and guide the customer through consultation on which components would be needed for that purpose. Budget will be taken down, and component list and pricing will be drafted. Upon approval, an invoice for the parts or total work order(depending on what the client agrees to) will be sent to be paid. No work or parts will be purchased until the invoice has been paid.


Any questions or concerns can be answered or given direction  by contacting Tri-Edge via email or phone!