New Mid-End Custom Rig Orders

It’s always fun to search, spec-compare parts, and order components for a custom build in a pre-designated budget amount! Got another $1,500 mid-end rig build request, which was finished and hand delivered to the client! So fun to unbox and examine the new equipment!




Computer repair/networking. Been at it since I was a 7 year old helpin dad at Ohio Bell/Ameritec/SBC/Ameritec. All I can remember is his rhino skin hands, a gel knife, and miles of underground, stupid thick black cable that opened up into a bajillion tiny wires, shoved into small to large junction boxes. Like a box of fireworks just exploded. Started on the old white desktop IBMs with the 5 inch floppy and the 1/4th drive, playing hugo who dunnit, hugo and the haunted house of horrors, olympics, and where in the world is carmen sandiago. oh! and a dinosaur game of some sort.

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