Time to Switch It Up

I figured instead of falling behind with workloads being translated into blog posts, I’ll start photo uploads of hardware repairs minus any visual data that can be misused.

For other items, I’ll just keep the blog posts.

Plenty of work to do, and one instance of a doggo chewing through a cat-5 cable.


Computer repair/networking. Been at it since I was a 7 year old helpin dad at Ohio Bell/Ameritec/SBC/Ameritec. All I can remember is his rhino skin hands, a gel knife, and miles of underground, stupid thick black cable that opened up into a bajillion tiny wires, shoved into small to large junction boxes. Like a box of fireworks just exploded. Started on the old white desktop IBMs with the 5 inch floppy and the 1/4th drive, playing hugo who dunnit, hugo and the haunted house of horrors, olympics, and where in the world is carmen sandiago. oh! and a dinosaur game of some sort.

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