HDD Failure Warnings – Take Heed or Lose Your Data

Hard drives fail, nothing lasts forever, so we do what we must to maintain and repair equipment that breaks. Hard drives are no exception to that fact, and most will warn you some way that they are failing.

Whether mechanical or circuit/platter decay, a failing HDD will present itself in a plethora of symptoms, such as wonky operating system malfunctions, drivers unloading and reloading, blue screens, slow operating system function, refusal of programs to open, disk checking upon boot, etc. Depending on your computer model, you may also be warned by your computer that your HDD is failing and to back up all data before it fails for good!

If you suspect that your computer has issues, don’t hesitate to call Tri-Edge for a free diagnosis and pricing of replacement with a data transfer from your old HDD to your new one!

*programs cannot be transferred but they can be reinstalled, unless your HDD is failing but in **cloning condition – cloning will break hardware locked programs.

**cloning condition would be the assumed ability to clone the dying HDD without copying decayed data as well as infections or years worth of clutter/broken or empty registry entries/useless registered services.


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